At The Australian Diamond Company, our reputation is built on making every effort to give you the best in design and quality to ensure your creation perfectly reflects your special occasion. To purchase an engagement ring with confidence, we recommend you consider the design elements that will shape the ring. This task often raises questions about several elements related to materials and design choices. To confidently answer these questions, it is useful to pay attention to the taste and style of the person you are buying for. Our diamond specialists are skilled in guiding the design and precious gem selection of your piece to enhance its specialty.

Upon confirmation of an order, our master jewellers will craft your piece in your desired design and materials. To ensure exceptional craftsmanship, the estimated time for completion can be advised based on your selection. Please contact us on 1300 345 864  to discuss your options.

Yes, ADC Online crafts fine jewellery in a range of exceptional materials to suit any occasion and style. Please see the fine jewellery menu to view this range

We understand your jewellery is of significant sentimental value. That’s why we have partnered with QReport to provide our clients with an insurance policy that is specifically tailored to your jewellery items. Once you have raised your order, please let your order manager know you are interested in understanding more about Q Report jewellery insurance, they will be able to assist you.

Every ADC Online piece is sold with a lifetime warranty that covers workmanship related issues, this warranty is only valid and conditional that your item scheduled maintenance is carried out every 8 months. This means repairs related to workmanship can be carried out as a complimentary gesture to ensure your piece looks as gorgeous as it did the day you took it home. Impact damage, wear & tear and loss are not covered by our warranty policy.

All ADC Online jewellery is sold with a lifetime cleaning and assessment service to ensure your pieces remain in optimum condition. This can be done by booking in a scheduled maintenance appointment via our website.

Jewellery lives with us. To maintain the condition of your pieces, they should be carefully worn and cleaned regularly to avoid damage and signs of wear. 

By avoiding impact damage to your special pieces, you minimise the risk of a diamond loosening from the setting and falling out. As each diamond is set in precious metal, it is important to protect precious stones from impact damage and wear.

Every ADC Online creation serves as a reminder of something special. We encourage our clients to wear their pieces as often as desired while being mindful to remove jewellery when performing manual tasks or coming into contact with harsh chemicals, lotions, perfumes and surfaces that may impact the condition of rings and other jewellery pieces.